Repair and Maintenance

We repair all makes and models of Sewing Machine

Our factory trained and certified repair staff can handle any make and model of sewing machine. Complete service is $79.95--$99.95 and we'll give you a call if your repair will cost any more. We will do everything possible to expedite your repair. Each repair is, of course, dependent on parts availabilty and resourses.

Don't worry, your baby will be treated with care and be returned to you oiled, adjusted, and in working order. And all repairs are guaranteed for 90 days against defects in workmanship.

Be sure to bring with you when bringing your machine in for service:

  • Standard presser foot. If you're having a problem when using a specific foot, bring that in too.
  • Power cord
  • Foot control
  • Embroidery unit (if embroidery machine)
  • hoop (embroidery machines only)
  • embroidery foot (embroidery machines only)  
  • embroidery design (if you're having a particular problem)

Keeping your machine in good working order in between services is no problem when you follow a couple of easy guidelines:

  • Keep a fresh needle of the correct size for your project in your machine. Don't wait until the needle breaks to change it. Machines work best with sharp needles. This especially applies to embroidery.
  • Use the right foot for the job. Sometimes, depending on the machine or your skill level, a speciality foot is called for. Just stop by or call the sewing center for advice.
  • Use good thread and acquaint yourself with proper threading procedures from your sewing machine manual. Thread your machine with the needle in the furtherest needle up position with the presser foot up. Be sure to insert your bobbin the correct way (with thread coming off of bobbin in clockwise or counterclockwise position depending on your manual)
  • See us for service every 6 months or sooner if you experience problems.